Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walking this life together

Walking together...
I was reminded tonight at Grace Fellowship (our church) by our pastor that the most important work is under this roof tonight. He was referring to our children. We are to demonstrate Christ to them and lead them to the cross daily. It stopped me in my tracks and again reminded me of what I am doing daily here at home. Educating our children at home is more than reading and math, science and history. Although all of that is important and is getting done, developing their character, sibling relationships, and leading them to Jesus Christ is the most important reason. It brings me back to Deut 6 that speaks about diligently teaching about God to our children when we rise, walk along the way etc. I have a unique opportunity to do that everyday. I resist it some days and think that maybe school would be better and then God somehow draws me back to my children gently and speaks through someone or a verse. That happened tonight and I am so thankful for our pastors and elders at Grace. They love us, pray for us and lead us. We are greatly blessed.
The next pic is another of our trip to Ottawa
Go to Dunc's blog for details, I can't do it justice. He does!! I also have a link on the side bar.

We stood in front of the parliament buildings in awe of the majestic beauty of our great country. We were both quite moved and shaken by the war plane museum trip just before that (yes even Sara walked with us and was a trooper) I look at this picture and am so thankful for our family. God has given us such a unique bunch!! They all need love, hugs, laughter and road trips!!!! We love taking trips, yes tiring, but I just love exploring life with the kids. Adventure has to go hand in hand with me and therefore it goes with the kids. They are already asking about our next one. We look at one another and say when we recover and catch up on sleep!!

I now go to sleep with the words I heard tonight, they are our most important people to evangelize, our children.

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