Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coon Hunters

Well, there are no crocs in the area just over sized racoons living in our crawl space! We decided to start emptying the junk that was all over the space and while Jack was going in (big space just low!) he investigated the other side and was astonished to see a racoon looking back at him. Needless to say a trap was set, baited and we waited. Today, we caught him!! So off he went to another part of the Hills (not sure where but far enough he will find a new home) We expect there are many ways in and other coons may find his spot of hibernation, but until then we will hope we only have cats and geckos living with us!

Proud of the coon hunters and Paul for his expert hunting skills!!!!

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The Maretzki Family said...

Yikes! How could you sleep at night, knowing that there was a huge racoon living in your house?!? Glad you caught him, and hopefully he'll find a better home. . . . .