Friday, December 10, 2010

Due Dates and blessings

As I view this shot I took with my BB at Springridge a little while ago, I am reminded of the blessing of having older children that truly know what it means to care for and nuture then younger ones in the home. Here is one example of how Chris takes Sara by the hand whenever we are on a field trip. It almost goes without saying, he just becomes her guardian! He watched her, plays with her, laughs with her and yes tolerates the little moments of frustration she encounters. I was able to sit with the four of them, watch them play, take pictures and embrace the moment of the kids laughing and enjoying life. I remember the days of Chris and Jack and how little they were at this very farm. I loved those moments too, these ones are just a new season and just as wonderful yet in a different way.

I think of my due date and feel at peace when it comes to how the kids can handle themselves here. They walk through life together as one unit here during they day and are learning how to count on one another. I know there will be many tired days, sleepless nights and transition to a new life in the house for all of us within the next week or so or???? No one knows! But I have confidence that God is in control and He has given me such a gift in these children, and that adds to my level of peace!
I know what is coming, labour and delivery.  I also know that I am not alone. I have many praying for me and this baby, the family and the coming home transition. Thank you to all praying for me! I know it, I sense it and I am blessed.

We are so close to a family of six to seven, wow! Look at that belly, I wonder how big the baby is?????

Keep you posted!


The Maretzki Family said...

We'll definetly praying as you draw closer and closer to the big day!

Love the photo of Chris and Sara - precious!


Heather said...

I'd say about 9 lbs.
Great family pic!