Friday, February 18, 2011

The love of my life

I started this post yesterday. Like everything in my life right now, it remains undone. I am constantly trying to finish one thing. I have determined that as far as the house goes, at least the kitchen will be done at some point. Everything else wait in anticipation of my next action! I have wanted to write about the love of my life for weeks now. I want to honour him and thank him for walking me through the deepest pain, most significant journey - birth.
Duncan I love you and thank God for you. Around here you are our leader, loving father and beautiful husband. Thank you, thank you.....

I can laugh sweetly when I look at this picture for so many reasons! While I was in labour Dunc was so many things for me. He was my prayer warrior, hand holder, game player (see above!!), he even tried playing scrabble with me during contractions. I have to say that did not go so well. I let him win!! He also read scripture out loud to me. He may not realize this, but the impact was significant in ways words can't adequately express. The words resonated deeply in my soul. The fact I have a husband that knows the power of scripture and  the fact I needed to hear the words was powerful.
He also brought in our portable ipod. I was able to listen to worship music. I forever will hold the song by Stephen Curtis Chapman, "Be Still and Know that I am God." God placed that song in my heart and for the entire time I was there and I listened to that song over and over again. Being in for 48 hrs gave me a great deal of down time. Time to heal, reflect and praise God for his goodness to me and Katie. She arrived safely and I delivered (however painful and crazy it was) God was there. He held me. He gave Duncan to me as a gift. He gave me nurses that truly cared for me and walked me through the distress and pain. I was really able to mentally gather myself enough to pray. Although at the end, I was in serious trauma for me! So fast and furious I could not get it together. That is when God really revealed himself to me. I was able to hear enough of what the nurse was telling me so that I would not have multiple stitches etc. She was amazing and I am grateful to God for her.

In Duncan's blog ( one of his entries of late talked about the horrible realities of adultry in our society. We are committed to one another and that means so many wonderful things. We also need to be aware of the dangers that loom and how we need to constantly be safeguarding our marriage and selflessly loving and praying, spending time alone. God first and then our marriage. Yes, we love our children, but if our marriage is failing so will our children in so many ways. We have a responsibilty to uphold our vows and through thick and thin be what God has called us to be - man and wife united in Christ.
I love you babe!