Thursday, April 21, 2011


The nights can be tough when awake many moments. I am learning to savour my time alone with my wee katie and allow this time to be about her, not me. She needs me and I am there for her. We make it through together and she is not alone. I am not either.

I serve even when I am tired.

I give even when I don't feel able.

If I can say this enough and live it out I can really do those things. God is so gracious and He has shown me His favour that is infinite. I am so thankful that He cares for me and He loves me. This gives me the ability to do all the little things that add up to the novel of my days and my moments.

This serving has opened the hearts of the children at this house. The beautiful french toast (if you look close enough I ate most of it!!) was a gift from my son Jack with the sous chef Samanatha at his side. I woke to coffee and an eclectic array of fragrant fruit and maple syrup. How divine! He just wanted to.
His words were simple, "because you served us!"

Oh my precious Jack. He is such a dear and he served, and blessed. I know his little heart  moved my heart in enormous ways!
Our friend Michaela helped them make some easter cookies and they added these as a bonus feature in the morning! Sure, I can have a sugar cookie then please!!!!

Lately the whole idea of service all connects with being thankful. When we are thankful we can serve and serve so much better! We had moments of serving one another in bed when Daddy was away on a trip. This was a pivotal point for us as a family. We rose to the occasion while he was away so to speak and lay down our own desires for the other person.
This sparked change.
Later I heard Ann Voskamp ( speak her soul and am reading her words in her book (One Thousand Gifts) that speaks about God's amazing grace and how we can be truly thankful in all circumstances. Living fully, today.

 Be grateful, be thankful, be aware that will change you!

Being thankful takes the focus off you and directs you to the one who gave you reason for your thanks.

I know that God is working and He is answering prayer every day here in the hills.

We are thankful for what Easter means. God gave us His son, we have life!

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Heather said...

"the novel of my life" --love it!

How precious that they made these for you. Love the cross cookies too. It's obvious that watching their mom serve day in and day out is having an impact--I think there's nothing better for children than to learn service for their family :)