Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Forty and Fab!! Weekend Away!

So what can I say to my dear LP friends!? Thanks for so many things??!! Yes I could begin there, at the beginning - grade six actually. That is where this group began! We have so many treasured memories and this weekend we shared together recently to celebrate our friendship is yet another wonderful memory we have together. I could write about so many things...but I will let the camera tell parts of our hilarious weekend!

Glorious weather, wonderful friends, fabulous food and drink, amazing location and fellowship and conversation that changes us for the better....

The hostess of our fab forty weekend!


Glorious sunsets to soak in

Yes, I was in charge of softening the butter. I guess I heard melt the butter!!! Oops! Nice one Mudge!

Aah, the chair that offered a spot to fellowship, read and enjoy cool drinks

  So, MK thank you for creating these shirts and hats for all of us to wear and remember this weekend! Love your creativity and thought behind this plan! NICE!

We had friends visit, furry ones thanks to our generosity! So this reminds us of the wee little critters that enjoyed an appy on us!

Beautiful Vendy!!

Lovely Bridger!

 OOH LA LA! Deep in coversation about the next really tough activity of our day!

Serve it up girl!

Who needs a smore? We had what we needed!

Cheers ladies to a feast with friends!

Oh, another one please said adorable Amy!

Love the shots with double chins, had to put that one in there anyway!

The opening of the fab shirts and hats! Who needed any other clothing all weekend!?

Just some of the beauty around your cottage MK

Our night lights for wonderful conversation!

Dock time

Breakfast was full of goodies thanks of some heavenly baking by Mrs. B! Loved it all!!!!

No, there were no vegetarians available, only carnivores present! The perfect steak night, mmmmm.....

Another animal friend surprised us with a visit, later brought two fawns! WOW!

Food editors watch out, we had elegant cuisine!!!

What a weekend to enjoy and remember for years to come. We have already made plans for 2013. Ladies, I am so thankful for you. You bring me joy in precious ways that only friends can do! Thanking God for giving me time with you, uninterrupted by the way!!!? That is part of what made this weekend a unique time. Love ya all!

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