Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lady will be missed

I found Lady at the Humane Society over fourteen years ago. She was gentle, beautiful and cozy just what I was looking for that day. I spent a long time going through the cats making sure that I would find the perfect one. See, dear hubby was not exactly a cat lover, but he knew that I loved cats so I promised I would find keeper, we did.
Every time we had a baby she made it known that initially bugged her. So, she would find a place to, well, pee. Yes we lost a mattress, hockey bags, kids stuff and oh yes on my wedding dress that had not been boxed yet. Needless to say we cleaned it and boxed it after that. She was mad! Who could blame her. Someone else had come into the house to take her place five times! When Katie was born she jumped into the moses basket on the floor in front of me and just looked at me and made her mess.
Enough of the negative...she was truly an amazing cat. Thinking of another cat like her is hard to imagine. She loved people and tolerated every child that ever came over to hug her and hunt her down! She would even let the girls dress her up in American Girl clothes!!!

Jack said his good bye

She loved my shoulder

one of her favourite spots was in Katie's room on her couch. I would do the bedtime or nap routine with Lady right there! Always.....
Katie loved her!

Even Chris who would say he does not put cats up there as a fav pet, thought she was a great cat. He said goodbye

She would sleep on your face if you let her!! Here she was so cozy with Katie!

Lady, a wonderful cat we were blessed to have. Her health failed and we made the decision. First time I have ever had to do that. It was harder than I imagined. For her, it was the best decision.
She will be missed.

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Sue said...

Oh Sandee... I am so sorry for your loss. We had to go through that twice, one year apart (our cats were brother & sister and we got them at around 8 weeks only a couple months after we married). It is heart-wrenching saying good-bye to our beloved "furry kids". I will pray for all of you as you miss her presence in your home! Big hugs xoxo