Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear Piano, thankful you came into our home!

It's is the way she sits and with poise and grace begins to play. Does she always love learning a new song? No, it is a challenge but that is what makes her so great. She rises to the occasion and plows through. I don't set practice times because she just simply plays.

They all play, excluding Chris now. He is on to drums. Sadly, piano has been given then gentle boot is how I will phrase it! He excelled but not in his heart. Perhaps one day he will come back to it with joy? For now we listen to three play and watch Katie copy her older sibs. I treasure the moments when they master a piece and proudly play for Daddio when he comes home. We have such a fantastic teacher and count it such a blessing to have her inspire and love our kids as she does so well.

Dear Piano, don't ever leave this home! May we always create beautiful music....

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Heather said...

LOVE the reflection of her in the piano :)
There's nothing like listening to your children play the piano. When we come for a visit, I'm always amazed at how talented they are!
Drum? Great for worship :)