Saturday, February 1, 2014

A blog a day...will it keep me sane?

Sometimes the task at hand seems as untouchable as the very top of our well known CN Tower. As Katie soaked in the size of the structure and the lights that sparkled I wondered just how she was processing it all. This was one of those precious moments when someone comes along side you and enables you to do just that, soak in the moment.. That is what her papa did. Tenderly he sat with her and spoke about all she was viewing.

Draped in purple she painfully (well it looked painful 'cause it would be for me strain my neck that long!) stood with chin high and neck cranked and was silent.

The silence was broken when wisdom edged in...

Papa made sense of the site. Enabling her to understand what we take for granted.

Really I do not remember being this close to the CN Tower at night. Last year (July) it was spectacular!


She would not stop talking....

Size or style do not matter when it comes to walking with someone. There are great needs out there. We just have to want to be available...
As I attempt to blog daily this month (thanks Heather see her blog at and you will see why I am thanking her!
I am thankful for inspiration from friends and family. I am blessed and I feel compelled to share those blessings. My goal this month is to record my blessings through photography, homeschooling/family moments and what I am learning through my faith in Christ. I don't want to walk this life alone. My moments and days are never alone. I have a savior in Jesus Christ that walks with me! Plus the added bonuses of family and friends. I am excited to see what God shows me through my 28 days in a row.
EEk!!! Now I am accountable....that is why I asked if this will keep me sane??? Maybe?
As Papa gently walked Katie through her moment at the base of the tower I know too that others walk me through my moments and days. Thank you for walking with me....


Heather said...

LOVE those photos, Nellie!
Soooo precious!
AND, I am excited to see where blogging each day will take you!

gmudge said...

What a beautiful take with Katie and her papa. a precious memory for all to see and absorb.