Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Looking through his eyes....

When you take the time to look through his eyes the world turns a different colour. I see things that I missed. I notice things of a unique colour. I open my eyes to his world. That is when you can hold the heart of your child and say I love you in a precious way.

Aah the  memories of warmth together.

precious girls...I think one of my fav pics ever of the girls together!

She grew up on this trip...I watched and marveled at how God is changing her into a beautiful young woman!
She could have slept on the lounge chair on the beach. So... we brought the cushion inside and put it by our bed! She was happy....

                                 We met Sean the dolphin and wow what can I say...he was beautiful....

Oh Jack the playful one just soaking up the sun and water!

Sara taking time to discover the beach

We loved our time away and so thankful for our amazing time away together!

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gmudge said...

Loved again seeing your Bahama moments with the family and your tender reflections......oxoxo mom