Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A legacy of prayer

When I sense that I am going to unravel (perhaps in the parkling lot today Annie and Heath!) I look back and ask myself when did I last pray, soak in a moment to hear what the Lord wants me to hear and ACT on it. I can plow ahead on my own strength for just so long until I being to fray, the bits of me fall apart! What good am I to anyone like that?
Nellie Germaine, my grandma, my mom's mom. What a praying treasure. She passed away while I was in my university days. Seems so long ago. But what is not lost and I hope will not be over the years and generations to come is the picture of what life is all about. Commiting our lives to Him. Fully trusting, praying without ceasing.
That is a legacy I hold on to right now when I feel weak and unable to pick up the bits and pieces that fall from me!
Nellie - Gloria - Charmaine - Paula - Sandee and the daughters we have been blessed with will carry this legacy too!

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