Thursday, February 28, 2013

So many books to cover!

I will begin with just a few that I have finished and partially as well!

Age of Opportunity by Paul Tripp

I am close to the middle and I keep going back to points he has made at the beginning to remind myself of the warnings and encouragement. Warnings may seem a harsh word, but what that makes me do is ACT. Do not become angry. Don't shut them out. Don't give up and walk away. Talk, but more importantly listen. Love unconditionally, spend time in simple ways. Ask questions that create answers other than just yes and no! Be prepared to stop what you are doing and live the moment for them. But remind them that every moment is God's moment. "There is never a moment in which God is absent or inactive. There is never a situation, location, or relationship that he does not rule." (p.56)

My blog title is our moments, our days. So for me this quote was a reminder as to why I am blogging our moments. Really, it is a way to look back and reflect on the simple moments and that God  is right there in that moment.

Paul Tripp has written such a meaningful perscription almost for enabling me to see this new season upon our home as an opportunity, God's way, not mine.

Keep you posted! Half way there....

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