Friday, February 8, 2013

Making our days...memories

creating 3-D puzzles of the CN Tower and the Parliament buidings! Hours of almost sculpting mini replicas! Wow, what a wonderful thing to watch unfold over time!

Early morning sun and snow

Sewing time with friends

Amazing sewing teachers and role models for my girlies!
He woke early to accomplish this task alone! The CN tower was his project!

Almost done!

Aaah the cutting of the golden hair! She asked for ages to give her hair away to little girls with cancer. She grew it long and then....
It was given as a gift! She was thrilled!!

I will always rememeber her desire to serve!
Katie waited patiently while the hair was trimmed!

Again, waking to the glo of a gorgious morning....Narnia!?
More of our days!

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