Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twelve years today!

Hard not to have a jungle theme with a young man that just wants a monkey for a pet!
Who knows, maybe he will!!!?

Spending time with friends and cousins proves to be a fantastic way to celebrate birthdays!
Today, my Jack turned 12. I am so proud of the many ways he chooses to serve others, create an atmosphere of fun-loving play, display and attitude of gratitude, laugh and make others laugh too, adore his family and pitch in (even when it is his birthday!)
Snow, burgers, cake, healthy goodies too all add to the fun of the day. Who needs a plan for the kids. All 17 knew exactly what to and come when you are called for food and loot! The boys played a wild game of nerf guns, girls made earrings played games, little ones wandered and joined in where they wanted to, toddlers toddled and attempted naps and all went outside to enjoy yet another snowy day
To top it off, we surprised him with a night out! His big bro, a very good friend and Daddio. Off to a game in Toronto. Leafs vs Canadiens. Well Daddy came home with a very big smile! Nice win! He was so surprised and just had FUN!
I am so thankful we can celebrate life with family and friends.
Jack, you are a young man on his way toward and adventure that only God can map out. We pray for you diligently. We adore you, we love you and we are so thankful that God gave us such a precious gift to love, raise and pray for. May you see the hand of God on your life. Give him your moments, your days my son.
Proverbs 3

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~Sydney Ellen~ said...

we had so much fun! happy birthday, Jack!