Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project 52

Let's GO!

 What is project 52? Well, thanks to my neighbor and friend I have known since grade nine, I found an article in a magazine called Life:Beautiful that she passed on to me knowing I would love it. The article by Wanda Ventling52 bible verses that every kid should know, caught my attention.
Inspired by the authors simple yet profound words I took on the challenge and we are on it. They each received a new journal for Christmas. I can't describe the feeling of a fresh page and new journal ready to be inked!
So in this journal they write out the verse and move on to the next one once memorized. No pressure, no competition just determination. The verses are short yet full of the message of the gospel. These verses are essential for me too! We are on verse two!
Also, with these journals there will be a form of communication unique to what we have done before. My sis Charm gave her five kids journals with a twist and a new idea for me! Each child would use this to write a note to the parents and in turn the kids would as well. Back and forth this journal will go between parent and child.
So, we have taken that amazing idea into our home and plan on digging deeper into the heart of our kids.


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Charmaine said...

I love it.... will add it to ours!

Heather said...

Very cool idea! Love Charmaine's too. Oh, that little Katie :)