Friday, May 29, 2009

A special piano visit

What a day! We started off with the regular routine here at home - reading, bible, math, language arts etc.... and practicing piano for our recital! We were invited to visit my Aunt Marlene at her seniors home while my fav Uncle was in town, Uncle Ron! He is a younger brother to my mom!!
We went into Unionville and joined the Maretzki gang and played and played! I am so proud of all the kids. Truly, they played with confidence, poise and grace. I know that all that joined our party had a great time listening to all the tunes . Even Jude and Sara had their turn banging the keys, and running around. I was reminded that Sara is a mini me (especially in her behaviour!) My dear Uncle remembers well my early days. We had a good laugh! We alson enjoyed cake, icecream and popcorn. Let's just say the kids were well rewarded for all their efforts!
Being at a seniors home is a touching reminder of how simple a visit is to do and the impact it can have on so many. So, here are a few memories of our day! Our day did not end at the seniors home, we ended up back here and the cousins played and we enjoyed a bbq. Can't beat that on a Friday!


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Great photos! Looks like great memories.