Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach and a Bible. Daily spending time with God...

These are moments I will not forget with the family. We were able to spend time together on the beach reading the Bible (short and sweet!) but a time that was meaningful! It means time together for our family and honouring God. I can't recall what we read, something in the Old Testament (Israelites and wandering!) the kids will only remember by looking at a photo, and maybe Chris will remember reading the Bible. What they will know is that we tried to make time for God in our day. I know that is difficult in our days. I don't want to miss out on what He wants to speak to us!
Pastor MacPhail reminded us on Sunday to look at our days and consider the time we are actually spending reading the Bible and developing our relationship with Him. What is taking our time away from our time with God as a family and personally?
Well, I can think of a lot of things and activities that take our time. Slowly, as we take time personally each day and as a family reading the Bible, the day we don't, we miss it and wonder...hmm we need this time! I notice such a huge difference in my own day when I am in constant prayer (even doing the dishes and and small daily tasks) and reading a portion of scripture. I love sharing what I read with the kids. Often in our journal time at the start of our day I will share what I am learning and convicted about specifically. They see the real me and what I am convicted on is usually my reactions to them and I am so often asking for forgiveness. The real me is full of mistakes and sinful attitudes and actions. I am so thankful I am forgiven by the one who loves me unconditionally and gives me grace. I am thankful that God loves, forgives, redeems and restores!
It can be difficult to admit that I am wrong, but what better way for my kids to learn. Well, they have to see me fail and work it out so they will learn. Not easy, but part of my day!
So here I sit, tired, needing another coffee, laundry to do, supper to create and the list goes on! But, we have been together and made it through many valleys and mountain tops today. Love it!


Charmaine said...

Love your post and LOVE the picture of you and Sara!!!!

Heather said...

Just perfect.