Wednesday, May 6, 2009

(Pic taken in Chicago a few years back on a sister weekend!!)
What can I say but thank you Lord for the blessing! I am reminded this week of one sister in particular - Charmaine. She turns ....this week (no need to reveal ha ha ha!!) So birthday wishes are due and I also want to take this time to bless her. She is so great! I look up to her in so many ways. She lifts me up on my blue days. I pick up the phone and call and she is there for me. The beautiful thing is, if she is not there, she calls right back or we email and I know that I can tell her what is going on right away. Having an older sister for me means having a mentor. I have two sisters and two mentors built in. Pastor MacPail encouraged us a few weeks ago to be like the apostle Paul and be a mentor and to be mentored. We all need both in our lives to round us out and become who God has called us to be in this life we have been given.
So, back to sisters...yes, I have two mentors and all through my life I have been able to borrow clothes, make-up, shoes and more shoes. More important than that (although at the time having the right shoes at 15 meant a lot back then, so thanks sisters!) is the fact that they have taught me in their own ways how to live my life to glorify God, how to pray, how to parent, how to listen, when to speak. I could go on. There are so many wonderful concepts that they have taught me. A lot of that teaching has been caught. As we all know people watch. Our kids observe and watch closely. That means I have to be aware of all I am doing and saying.
Over the years both sisters have journeyed with me through times that were amazing and times that were just plain difficult. I have watched both my sisters experience many trials and adventures. I have watched them soar. They bless me with their presence and I am so thankful. Proverbs 14: 26 says, "He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge."
Thank you sisters for guiding me through the years as I continue to be in the process of building a secure fortress by God's amazing grace!
Charm, happy birthday and thank you for being you and walking with me through life. I loved having you here. Miss you and love ya!!

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Charmaine said...

QUIT making me cry! But thank you...that's a birthday gift in and of itself. Wish I was celebrating with you all!