Sunday, May 3, 2009

Power in words

My mom has taught me since I can remember the power in words, written words. The art of letter writing does not have to be something of the past, it can be maintained and done well. Some of my fondest memories while away from family at different points in my life surround letters. Whether it was a romantic letter from Duncan, words of wisdom from my parents or updates/cards and encouragement from my siblings or friends. Those are the boxes I just can't throw out. I have kept many cards and letters and when I do re-read them it brings me back to that time and I am reminded of what God was doing in my life and the vast array of ups and downs from that moment.
People we know recently put their son in a sort of military school for a variety of reasons and I know it broke her heart, but she also knows that it is 'tough' love. They felt they had to make this decision. The only contact is letter writing. I can guarantee that through this they will grow closer and realize being together as a family makes one stronger. Although, there are times in life when you are at a distance and you do grow nand change. That adds to the strength of the family. I think this is what is happening for them.
I am encouraged by my Mom to write my life down,journal, pcitures or whatever it takes to remind the next generation simply of God's faithfulness. My parents do that and I am so thankful for the model I have in them. Even my dear 90 year old Grandma (Frieda - love the name!) is an expert at cursive writing and adding details to her letters that give you an image that she can see when she writes it. Could be a flower that bloomed in her garden, a humming bird on their back porch or Cindy (her faithful horse) standing at the gate acknowledging the ones that feed her!!

My prayer is that I will capture in written form how amazing God is. I want my kids to know and I want others to as well!

as my amazing brother would say - we often say to one another!!

Word out....

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Heather said...

Oh, this brings tears to my eyes.
You DO have an amazing mom and I've watched her daughter have babies and raise them in the same way!
Generational Blessings :)