Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My New Purple Room!

Samantha has her purple dream now come true! Just a little paint and Daddy muscle moving around furniture and viola, there ya have it, a new purple room! I was able to purge some and simplify (love to do that!) and make the smaller room now for Samantha. Sara has the big room, with the brown furniture and is just fine! The life of that brown furniture is rich and long! It belonged to Dunc's Dad when he was a boy! We will move it our and replace someday for Sara!
We can wait for awhile for her to ask for a purple room or maybe pink?
It is amazing how truly excited she has been about this experience. We shopped for picture frames, bedding and a curtain rod! Decorating is fun, she knows it...pretty early to like shopping for household items isn't it??!!! So there it is, my new purple room!

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