Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you are wondering what is above Chris, it is a secret code he made today that we learned abougt from our book on the history of the Canadian flag. Ships used flags to communicate and had an alphabet when radio was not around or working. So, Chris made his own secret code for Daddio so he could see it when he walked in the door! Of course the message was simple and yet profound - I love you! Dunc loved it and Chris was proud. Jack made a magnetic ship as a surprise for me earlier in the day. He was so proud. He had to have extra help from Chris to bring it down the stairs to show me! Had to take a pic and post it just for them!! Being here allows us so do these crazy activities, they love it and so do I!! So, Charm there was more to my day that was good! I need time to reflect on these moments when things are difficult so it all balances out!


Heather said...

Very creative, Guys!

Charmaine said...

I love being able to see what you do everyday while living hundreds of miles away! What fun you must have had! Love you!