Thursday, June 18, 2009

Double Digits has arrived

Well it is official, Chris is ten and I still can't believe that it is really true. He is growing up so quickly and we are so proud of him!

His party was amazing. We set off to Kelso Conservation and had a whole entire morning and over lunch discovering the great outdoors. God's gift to us. They ran around on a historical discovery hunt and then a pond study. What more could he want? A hunt and pond life. Truly he loves both and then to have friends and family surrounding him, he was in his glory. The only thing missing was Daddio! But that is for tonight. Dunc is taking him away on an overnight alone! He is going to celebrate this new part of Christopher's life and take him to Bass Pro shops and hotel for swimming and a special letter he will read to him. Dunc and I both had special letters written to us from our parents and those letters are special to us and marked different times in our lives. So, we begin with Chris!! Very exciting to see what God is going in his little heart! Today he reminded me of a part in a book (The Moody Series) about a boy that had a birthday and said he wanted to serve rather than be served. That is Chris. He serves and serves. He truly has a servant heart, after our ultimate example Jesus! I am so thankful for him. I will add more later! Lots more pics to come!

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Heather said...

Great shots. What an amazing idea for a birthday party. Thanks for inviting us.
Love Duncan's idea to take him away on his own.