Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Track and Field

What a day, a hot day! It was the first hot day of summer and it hit the annual christian home school track and field meet! What an exciting day for the kids. Three hundred kids gather together, pray and then do every event possible from 9-4:30. Chris even entered the 800m race at the end of the day! How did he do that? I am not sure where they find the energy, I was dead and found out later the heat really got to me! I barely made it home and went into bed for a long time.

Each child was put into separate age groups and went through everything from triple jump to football throw. I was placed in Christopher's group this year and what a unique blessing. I am so used to going with the younger of my brood, but this is where I was placed! Chris was very excited and that was cool for both of us! All day together and I had a chance to watch him bloom!
The focus for the day is sportsmanship and I have not seen such a wonderful group of 9-10 yr old boys be more encouraging and inspiring! They always celebrated one another and not matter what and at the end of the day the other leader and I had to select one person for the sportsmanship award and that was the most difficult decision of the day! A little boy was selected and he was actually voted on by two of the boys throughout they day.
I had a great day watching the kids strive for excellence and so thankful that so many parents were there supporting their kids! Thank you Daddio and Papa for joinging us through the day!!

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Heather said...

Looks like so much fun!
Can't wait 'till next year!