Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home again!

Daddio arrived to a crazy, wonderful welcome! The kids all ran out to meet him as he walked up toward the house (Sara was sleeping!) He was an hour early (how cool is that!) and right away they all had pictures to show him, a sign and Samanatha sent him on a hunt to show him all the pictures she made for him while he was fishing for the big one. Are you wondering if he caught the biggie? Dunc wouldn't say it was the biggest, but it was a good one!! The men all managed to catch their fill (and eat it too, apparently the shore lunch is amazing and fresh from the day!) We are all glad he is home and now it is my turn this weekend to attend the Women of Faith Conference with friends! Can't wait to be spiritually renewed, refreshed and some great time wtih amazing friends!

1 comment:

robynn@robynnmunnings.com said...

is it pathetic that this is how I am following your life? who are you going with this weekend?
have fun!!!