Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exploring with Siblings!

Chris is so amazing with Sara. Here he is running toward her to help her (she was a bit miffed!) change her attitude by running and laughing and then he grabbed her and took her to the river to explore!

It's a jungle? No, actually this is the credit river in missisauga! The boys love to come here to hopefully find a snake or frog!

He cares for her!!! Always carries her and she calls him 'tis'. Pretty close to Chris! The kids all love the nick names.

I love to explore with the family (especially with a coffee and an icecream!!) We had a blast tonight.


Heather said...

Nellie, your photos are amazing!
This looks like an adventure from Courageous Beings!

Mark and Charmaine said...

You are a fun mom! What precious pictures! I love the coffee part!