Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Decorative Art in the eyes of a child!

"Mom, I want my own garbage can in my room please!" How many of you have had that request? I have to say that is a first for me and one that I originally ignored (poor thing!). She pursued it and well, we just so happend to have an extra garbage can due to our recent bathroom reno. So, out came the paint, the glue gun and all the diamond, sparkly items we have in our art drawers. Thanks to our artistic neighbour that blesses us with her gifts and abilities with the kids, we had plenty of goodies on hand. Samantha used the glue gun alone??? Not sure if that was a great idea, our carpet sure looks interesting now. But let me tell you how I know this impacted our five year old. At supper Duncan asked who would like to pray. Samantha ( a true prayer warrior) proceeded to pray without even saying she wanted to be the one and during her prayer she thanked God for the," garbage with Mommy."

I have to remember it is not about what I do with her (or any of the kids) it is simply being with them exploring life together. Even if it means decorating a garbage can that truly is an expression of our dear daughter (ps I love that expression because my Mom still uses that with me!! teary eyed moment!!)
It meant time with Mommy and she was elated to be alone with me (those moments to happen, although rare!)I too enjoyed the time and then had to make dinner so she continued with the glue gun...alone!!!!


Mark and Charmaine said...

Once again...good for you!

Heather said...

Very cool idea.
You always give them so much freedom for creativity! That's why they are all little artists!