Monday, June 15, 2009

Bows and Arrows, Birds and Books!

Well this morning we took Lady in for her annual haircut at our conveniently located groomer down the road and when we came back home we found a baby bird sitting quietly in our garden. completely unaware of the incoming traffic! We were able to take pictures and somehow the boys lured the bird into a large purple bucket and made it a home (until it flew away!)
Bows and Arrows;
Archery today was successful again! We have two robin hoods in our home now. They of course want their own set and an area to 'practice' shooting. Well, a few extra acres and no people around would help. I think we will stick with the class format for now!
Samantha loves to read and I love to watch her read to Sara! Sara wants her own book and makes that well known to all. A sweet moment!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Chrisopher's party (he is ten this week!) I have a busy day ahead of me!!!!!

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Heather said...

How cool is that archery? :)