Sunday, February 2, 2014

Asleep on the job

Falling on the job may not always look pretty!

Your face could be slightly squished or stretched appearing quite unattractive.

Thanks Alfie for posing for us! We adore this crazy dog. Uncle B and Auntie Halcyon have a little dog baby!

This is more like it, peaceful, content and well rested!

Often one of my complaints is that I am tired. Hear me on this one, we all are I know that for sure. But, the choice is mine more often than not when I lay down my head to sleep and therefore have a good rest so I am ready for homeschooling five children the next day. Being a wife and mother (in that order) are my main priorities. Although, it seems at times the five I am raising simply take over!


Sleep changes everything.

 I can feel the computer moving as you nod in approval. Lose it and you have lost all sense of well, making sense!
I love how in Proverbs 3:24 we are reminded,

"When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down your sleep will be sweet."

Psalms 3:5
"I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me."

Psalm 4:8
"In peace I will lie down an sleep, for you alone, Lord make me dwell in safety."

Rest will come, so does the morning. If I have not had enough of this precious resource the grumpy ME takes over and selfishness comes to life quickly.

I admit it, time alone is rare. For me the evenings have always allowed for some down time. So, I want to stay up late when it is calm and quiet.
Often I  have held on to this time with an iron grip. When I choose not to release the grip of  my need for this time, it holds me. I again become the grumpy ME. Think there might be a theme here of ME?? Hmmm, sounds like a little dying to self might work well!

As the children grow, time  becomes what I called staggered. One to bed, then another, and another then, well, the older are present and waiting for special time too! I have had to be creative with how I  spread my time out ALL day. I have learned to not worry about the length of time or even where it may be. Simply, that I take what I can, schedule it in and be thankful. I have to stop allowing others to be an interruption to ME time. Yes, I admit it I do feel interrupted when I literally just sit down and...someone needs me. What, it is past 8 o'clock? Hold on I think I punched my time card out right? No, the clock does not dictate the needs of others does it.

I often remind one of my children in particular that seems to have trouble sleeping well Pslam 127:2, "...he grants sleep to those he loves." (Although lately since we started more exercise in this house she is sleeping better than ever!! Woohoo!!!!!)

We need to actually get in bed and sleep! My late nights can catch up with me. I am ready and willing to let go of my late nights to be more of the wife and mother I am called to be. There is flex here. If you know me I am flexible...but at times I can dig in my heels and forget the gift of flexibility. There will be nights that the candle burns late, but in order for me to rise, read the bible and pray and meet Jillian Michaels on  DVD (fitness guru) in my basement - well early to bed is the only solution.

EEK, more accountability! I told you that blogging every day in February might make me  a little crazy...

The sun is setting, off to sleep... so I don't fall asleep on the job!

link for day:
Jess bakes and cooks like a dream! Just made her banana muffin recipe. According to the kids this is the best muffin recipe EVER!

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Heather said...

Oh dear, I'm reading this at 12:35am!! Now that's conviction! lol!