Monday, February 3, 2014

Making Moments Matter

Making moments matter.

 Since our dating days and early married years my dear man has always made moments matter. Whether he knew it or not he was a leader before we met, a leader when it was just the two of us and today. Eighteen years this summer of marriage and more memories than I could recount. He makes our moments matter.

He has vision and purpose and pursues this with diligence and zeal. He is where he is today because he made choices that were wise and had strong people around him to learn from. He will be the first to admit his failures and varied mistakes as a father, husband, business leader, and family member. But the difference between him and a man that chooses to sit on the side lines is this, he prepares for battle - win or lose and determines NOT to let the outcome overwhelm him. He is solid in his faith first. That is what we hold on to. This is what he declares. The gospel in his life, his home and however he can at work...

Need I say more? This sounds odd but it is a part of his sense of humour. Nothing gets by him when the colours are blue and white. You can not enter this home or anywhere where he is without a comment or two about the Leafs (maybe three). Let's just say you know where you stand with him. He prefers red, white and something Montrealish!!
To fish is well, just a part of life

Water, well I can't believe we don't have a water bed

To teach daughters to use a motorized vehicle (well bike) is just soo,,,,, amazing

walking with his kids, a gift

preparing for his field of dreams, daily

contemplating life while rolling on the waves, leading the next vision for our family
Proverbs 16:9
"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps"
He makes moments matter in his heart but truly is doing the best he can to allow the Lord to determine his steps.
I love you xox
Link for the day:
Impacting men to be who God has called them to be...years ago he watched the series with a group of his friends and it changed lives and homes. Many went on to impact their own churches and to this day have a vibrant ministry for men at their own church. Men need to stand up for their faith and family. Thank you my love for standing for us!

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Paul Martin said...

Except for the whole Montreal nonsense, I'd say he's pretty much a stud, too. (Only don't tell him I said it!)