Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 24: While I am waiting

You know those moments when you are on hold, say with kitchen Aid, oh like I was today. Listening to apologies for wrong quotes and miscommunications etc? Well, I was in that moment.
Obviously the technician was not from the GTA (why they connected me to the states?) She has no idea what conversations I have had precious to her. She was not to blame but was the only one I had to speak with to make
 When this happens things like this while through my mind:
I feel like I am wasting my time.
I have to take the truck into Nissan in 40 min - license plate came off in carwash - take note: make sure yours is still there if you do that!
I feel irritated
I need my stove top working (take out anyone?) Come on I have five kids and they need to eat!
 I have school to accomplish
Laundry to be done
while I am waiting I have a choice, I always do.
I can be angry and make the person on the other end equally irritated and blame shift as we can all do that at times.
I can offer GRACE.

Well, I did not really have time to think. I was put on hold for a long time. During that time I wandered around the house preparing piles of schoolwork organizing the sink and kitchen area, dealing with sibling issues, toddler potty time and finally she came back. It gave me time to calm down and I actually received the answer I was hoping for, they admitted confusion and all was well. But whether or not the right answer came I needed to choose the sometimes harder path.

I want grace and forgiveness too.

I forget sometimes while I am waiting what really matters.

Then once again the deer appeared.

We have a horse logger working the fallen trees and ones that have been marked with his Belgian beauties logging them out of the woods - pioneer days yes I would say so! The deer are quite quick to realize as I learned today that the buds from the top of the trees is a treat for them. They were in abundance and always, always make me stop, watch and ponder the beauty of these creatures.
A moment of grace again that I am so thankful for.
This is a family fav in our home right now.
"I am holding on to you"
listen and love it!

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