Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day Nineteen: Leaky Lives Part Two

Day Nineteen even though it is the 22nd of Feb makes me laugh. Why? Well my journey this month was to blog daily I have some catch up to do. But for now I will go with day nineteen...

Leaky Lives Part Two - The Goodness of Siblings flooding my Life:

Continuing the theme of leaking as this milder weather continues to wreak havoc on many homes and basements, I want to add how my siblings have 'flooded' my life with goodness truly beyond words.
My siblings are with me through the challenges, surprises and joys of my journey. They fill in the gaps of  my life.
When I turned 40, I embarked on a  reflective journey I did not plan... I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my siblings. Not that I didn't before, I just felt it went... deeper. It ushered me into a time of reflection. That happens as you age....
My oldest sister - I love you
My second oldest sister - I love you
My baby bro - I love you

To be able to type those words and means it is such a blessing. There are far too many relationships broken for our short lives here that I breathe a deep sigh of relief and gratitude that I can type it and mean it, right!
I am thinking of forty because we had a chance to surprise my youngest sibling.
Happy Birthday B!
So, last night we went into TO and had such a great night celebrating my baby brother. What? Baby brother at 40! How old are you? Well not too far ahead of him, but he will always be the baby bro!

He is such a gift...

He, first of all has a passion for Christ that truly makes me constantly re-evaluate my own personal spiritual journey. He sends links that take time to read or watch but always encourage or challenge. He is passionate about serving at his church and the young people in his care. He adores his beautiful wife! Yes, he enjoys and loves (understatement!) his dog too!! Funny how animals can capture our hearts!
 As I continue this journey of reflection I am deeply grateful for the unique places we are at currently. God knows that we would all be right where we are today. So, I watch and learn from all of them and sometimes we all scratch our heads at moments in time -hey we are family! We are supposed to do that! But we continue to love, laugh, learn, forgive, pray, listen, talk, enjoy, pursue, and love how Christ loves...
That is the kind of love that changes families and the world.
I want to love...better each day by God's strength!

The Four of US!!!!

 Family can be the fragrance of blessing, you have to be the one to grow and bloom and be fragrant not matter what the cost....

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