Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day Eight: Travelling with Sunshine - x's two!

I am off to visit my sister. She is south of Chicago so we are meeting downtown. She can drive a few hours and I will fly a few! Thankful for points!
I do have another sister- she lives closer in Niagra area. This is just not the time to make a sister/cousin weekend for all of us. When you have many children between us - three sisters and eighteen children - yes you read that correctly! One sister has five, I have five and the other eight!
I do wish we could make it work for everyone...there will be a day! I love my sisters and am so thankful for the unique lives that we all live! Similar but yet so different. For me it is a testimony to how God uses us and places us exactly where we are supposed to be and do what we are called to do every day.
This post deals with the sunshine in my life x's two, the two I am travelling with! I can't wait for the adventures ahead!
I may miss a few days posting here as I am away, but today I want to celebrate Samantha and Sara.

Sara, such a treasure. Her smile is life giving. Her nurturing spirit teaches me...

Samantha, so tender and caring creative. I learn from her daily...
Flare for fashion

playful spirit

jumps into life

ready to have fun

a heart for animals, she cares deeply for God's creatures

always ready to smile, play with and care for others
When I return I plan on creating a post on each of my five children. I have much to say about them. I love them and want to honour them.....

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Heather said...

Beautiful photos of your lovely girls, my friend. I hope you're enjoying yourself!