Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 25: The King's Equal - Book Review

I did say I would celebrate my five children didn't I??! I may have to move into March to really give them all the words and pictures they deserve. I realized that many of the baby

pictures I want to add I have to actually find in albums, take pictures load them and well that takes time. I will attend to that for sure, but for now I will continue to write about what moves me, God's way...
Lately, as mothers can attest, sleep is a gift to behold when you can well, hold it! My little Katie has been quite keen on visiting me (oh no not Daddio's side - mine!!) and just letting me know she needs me.
I have always wrested with sleep deprivation!
Why is sleep something I hold on to so strongly? Am I not blogging lately about the ME thing and letting ME go? It is just hard. Hard to explain to eldest son that I did not get much sleep. Even as I hear myself saying the words I stop and think to myself, let it go.....so I do. I keep busy at the many tasks at hand and pursue the immediate, attend to the important and hold onto Christ! What calms our home and my soul is reading.  Here is what changed our home today.

Listening to stories read to you is simply enchanting. I believe that it not only changes the listener but mostly of all, the reader.

In the book The King's Equal there is much wrestling, particularly with character. I love this book  because it is short but makes a point that is lengthy in meaning. The dying King will not relinquish his crown to his son until he finds a woman equal to his  beauty, intelligence and wealth. Little does the prince realize at that moment he truly lacks all three. He is an arrogant, pompous, greedy and cruel prince. He is living for the moment and for himself. He is not concerned for the welfare of the people he had been entrusted. He wants more, he wants it all. The prince thinks that he does have it all. Those close to him fear for their lives because they know at any moment he could turn on them if he does not get what he wants and they will perish at his hand. There is one thing he does not have, the crown. He can not find a princess worthy. The truth is he is not worthy. Reality is though that no one can tell him that fact.  Living it is the only way he can truly acknowledge his lack and his need for gain in the right areas.
Rosamund is a unique character that teaches him more about himself than anyone had ever dared.
She was a gentle spirit.
She was kind.
She was brave.
She lived for truth and what was GOOD.
He, the prince had to have her but gave up so much to find her....read on folks!
What I love about today was simply my audience. The 56 pages I read captured their minds and hearts. I could tell,
No one spoke.
Their eyes wide open with anticipation of what was to happen next.
What would happen to the prince...the princess.
They listened and well, what they learned I am not sure as we have not really debriefed about the details yet!
Until the next adventure..sleep well...

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