Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day Five of the February Blogging - 'Deer Me'

 Toby barked, it really is not that unusual when he hears something or sees movement outside. But this was different. He almost whined and barked simultaneously.
I knew something was up!
Sure enough, if you look closely you will see an ear and part of the head...

She  climbed up the embankment and started nibbling on something yummy.
Toby had to be removed...scaring away precious deer!

Distance was not a factor this time. She was right there in front of us, closer than we had ever seen. She must have been hungry! Feeding her by hand would have been my first choice, but I will take the window seat on this one!! Twenty minutes or so of just watching and taking pictures. Lights out, camera on and silence! I needed to be hunkered deep inside a winter tent with national geographic like equipment to really take the amazing shot. Darkness was moments away and she was jumpy.

We almost missed this moment! 

I miss moments.
Probably too many to count.
Mark 8:18 jumped out at me today. "Do you have eyes but fail to see. and ears but fail to hear?"
Yes, in answer to that question, yes. I see my children, but do I see their needs quickly? I hear them, but often  I want to turn the noise down. Again, the ME thing going on...
Today the snow slowed us down. I don't mind that at all.
I started to sense that I was not doing enough again with the kids re school (anyone hear me on that?)
  I went for a walk and made a choice to be silent and when I did the little things we did do flooded my mind such as, reading about a loyalist family (our new read aloud that Jack selected) called Escape by Mary Beakcock Fryer - Dundern Press, reading another chapter from The Great Escape by Christine Farenhorst (more on that book to come - love reading about men and women from our past that challenge and inspire), math, grade nine regular routine, language, breaky, lunch, dinner prep and clean up, chores, sibling love and not so much love, walking and playing in snow, cleaning a fireplace and keeping it going all day, shoveling, attempting to move a  very stuck truck and a neighbours van (still there! Need CAA for that one) well no school for her kids tomorrow - she may not thank me but her kids will!), dog walking, reading, dealing with toddler and ALL that goes with her character lately, media and the list goes on.
 I did do something.
I have to remember what I am doing and why and not allow negativity to rob me of joy. There were joyful moments here today and some tears too. Normal?!
I want to see deer in my yard and in my life - I don't want to miss moments. Seeking first what God desires, His will not mine, will enable me to see more clearly and hear more soundly.

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Heather said...

Oh, wow! What a memorable moment! Love the connection to what the Word says about not paying attention.