Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day Six: My Canvas


 Moments like these make the canvas of our lives.

When I see this picture I embrace to warmth of the sun setting, acknowledge the courage it takes to hold on to the tube while Daddio drives the boat and the celebrate young man emerging and bellowing that HE IS HERE!
My canvas, but what am I really doing with the brushes and the paint to create a work of art?

Does the canvas of my life reflect beauty?

Do I balance all that God had given to me?

Am I prayerful in ALL I do, do I really give it ALL to Him?

In my moments alone am I reflecting on the goodness of God no matter what the circumstances?

Do I truly take hold of the precious gifts that I have been blessed with to love, cherish and adore?

Am I digging deep so I can stand firm on the solid rock - Christ?
Tonight I am reflective as I think  back to countless moments that we have had as a family. How has that shaped me and our kids?Am honouring my role as a wife and mother so that the next generation can freely paint the canvas that God will place in their heart? I so pray that even though my sin is still soooo great,  my kids would see that it  is all about what Christ did, not what I did!
Daily I have an empty canvas to create something that would honour God.  I pray my canvas tomorrow will reflect just that....

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