Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Decades ago...

Everywhere around the world there are countless children needing a home.
This moves me and convicts me, what I do about it is pray and support children through an organization that enables life giving medicine, food, water, education.
Is that enough?
I picked up the book Orphan 32 by Thanh Campbell
I fell into his story and I am almost done reading, I am moved...
Perhaps I will always wrestle with the question of adoption. We have five precious children. So I carry on taking care of what I have been blessed with here and now. IF God opens a door or collectively our hearts as parents and as a family that is TBD. God has plans that are for His glory.
I opened the book while waiting for the girls at gym. I then began a conversation quite unexpexcted...
I met a lovely lady today at a gym program. Quiet, thoughtful, intelligent and a history teacher with incredible insight and creativity. We only spoke about 20 minutes, Doesn't that tell you something  though? I learned a great deal about her. I asked a lot of questions and we clicked.
 I have to quote her (as closely as I can)
We spoke about Orphan 32, about orphans, speakers she had heard that came out of war torn countries lucky to be alive and selected to board a plane to Canada.
We spoke about, you guessed it homeschooling.
"I wish I could be home with my kids like you
I think it is amazing what you do
One day your kids will look back and be thankful"
She had no  idea I heard the same thing two days ago at Target. Perhaps the Lord knew that is what I needed to hear.
Here I am reading about this incredible journey of a plane full of precious orphans and in the same sentence talking about my own children. I admit I lost sight of what I am doing at many points this week, I was discouraged, down, tired and fighting with the enenmy of our soul and it was killing my joy.
Issues that plague our family need not rule my joy.
I heard through two different people a word that changed my day, both times.
That is just how God planned it, just for me?! Humbling for sure and life giving.
The book Orphan 32 was an opening for discussion. Often the books I am reading do that!
When I am done reading the book I will review it fully.
Let me give you something though...
Confused and questioning who he was, where he came from and simply the how and why were enough to spur on Than Campbell to discover more about his incredible journey that took 57 precious, needy orphans to new homes to LIVE. Most of these children were sick, very sick and probably would have died had this amazing flight not left Vietnam almost two decaded ago.

People that were convicted and passionate carried these children to safety.
The story is about one particular orphan, his journey, family and life.

138 pages is probably not enough to capture the emotion and journey of Than Campell.
Prepare to be moved by this journey that many probably didn't even know happened.


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