Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day Thirteen: CWM our first born

Here marks the beginning of celebrating my five children. I am staring with my first born to the three!
Chris, this is to celebrate you. God had given us such a gift in you. You have what it takes to make your mark in this world simply because of the grace of God. You can do nothing on your own, it is through Him and for Him you will accomplish all things....
Dear One,
You find the spectacular in what may seem ordinary. Remember the spectacular ice storm that was not only beautiful but many things can be in this life. You took the time to soak in what was surrounding you. This ice sculpture caught your eye. Oh how I love it when I hear, "MOM, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" That thrills my heart because you are finding treasures that I missed and you were meant to find.
"A snail mom, look a snail in the ice!" I want so desperately for all my children to grow into adults but still have the wonder of a child!

Our latest pose (Dec 2013) with the five, here he is not a young boy, but a young man!

He is determined to succeed

He is athletic and willing to take risks

A fisherman and a teacher at heart

He walks along side his brother and engages in a life long relationship that will stand the test of time and all that life will bring. 
He looks into the future with many questions and asks...where will I go? What will I do? Who will I meet? When will it happen? Why will this happen? All good questions that one day will have answers in full and part

 Adoring older brother quick to teach the younger the fun activities in life
guiding and directing, helping and holding

6 weeks old!!

 Sweet times with Daddy at the plant! Learning the ropes early!
There are days when the boys will fight it out, thankfully the water will catch their fall!

Patient to cast and catch

Generations to remember. My Grandpa, Chris, Jack and Sara together in 2009.

Great Grandma teaching the art of knitting to a willing young mind

I even tried a skill I had not attempted in sometime!

Always helping the younger ones, carrying them with love

Sara and Chris, always willing to push the stroller and show her what was going on!
more to come.....
Just the beginning!!!

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