Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stuck at the end of your driveway?

Our driveway does not look like this today. I do long for the warmth more than I have in a long time though. I feel a bit stuck in winter right now and can feel that way in areas of my life too...
I was stuck, at the end of my driveway - last night.
Let me explain...
Late, very late... a one am late (guess I said late already!) arrival via taxi from the airport.
Delays are part of flying I realize but what I did not take into consideration was literally sitting at the end of our driveway in a debate with the driver as to whether he could actually make it in and out of our driveway! I finally gave up and gathered my sleeping girls. Only one would stay awake to walk the other I carried and left the luggage. Needless to say I was in no frame of mind to debate the driveway conditions (fine btw) and texted eagerly waiting hubby to meet me and help with the luggage and girls.
The driver was in no way interested in finding himself in a predicament like the one he discussed repeatedly. He began to leave.
I walked on, feeling somewhat frazzled, tired and then found myself watching a very fast walking hubby gather luggage and attempt to explain to the driver that all was fine on the driveway front and why would you leave them here in the middle of the night (dark is an understatement). He was not, well, very happy!
Trudging along with sleeping girl and sleepy girl in the snow I started laughing. I went from feeling stuck, to free! Bizarre? Yes, but the ten hours of travel does that to you I suppose but I also realized that these moments need some laughter and perspective. It was so ridiculous I just had to laugh. We were safe, at home and feeling full of a weekend with my sister, daughters and their cousins.
Stuck sometimes is okay. Perspective comes in odd places with unusual people. Even in a taxi cab...
Blog posts to come:
Walking down memory lane with my five.
I want to speak about each one in the next five days.

Links to come as well, new bible curriculum I found for a younger audience but I think all will enjoy..
tired and off to sleep!

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