Friday, February 14, 2014

Day Fourteen - My heart today

Candles, my family will tell you that I literally wake up and light a candle. The ambiance is warm and inviting. It adds that moment of calm to my soul. I reflect on the flickering flame and sense peace.
Today our world tells us to celebrate love in many material ways. I too love to bless others this way when I can and when it works well! Our heavenly Father does not give us a day to celebrate love, we do it daily by serving, sacrificing, obeying Him and those he has placed in our various lives.

To love is to let go of YOU and take hold of others...


I always make heart shaped pancakes. Simple fun but it says that I love you!

Oh my homeschooling peeps. What more could I ask for today! Surrounded by you and your children watching and listening to an array of incredible presentations...then a party!
Again, today we all witnessed precious projects that required many hours of preparation and we were all so blessed!
Today we covered Shakespeare to Stop Motion Movies, Whales to Winter Art, Fantastic Mr. Fox with a touch of pastel the Renaissance Era, Cross-Fit gym and a future business, whales and elephants, a story of a slave across the ocean, book reports origami and atomic bombs and finally five little monkeys by Katie! Not sure I covered everyone, hope so!
We learn together and grow. I am always blessed....
Early 13th for Jack. Yes, he is 13 this month and we had a mini celebration today...more to come but today was all about pizza, and the lego movie!! Woo hoo!! So here we have a valentine's style pizza dinner before the movie. Lots of fun, lots of candy!

My heart today: bursting with thanks. Thanks to the one who gave me today, God you gave me today and I am thankful.

My valentine and I had a date last night! Oh, no we celebrate marriage and love. Another way my heart celebrates today!

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Heather said...

So thankful for our little (big!) group too! You are an asset and a blessing to it, my friend! I'm so glad we met waaaay back when we were very young teacher :)